Surrey wedding stationer shares tips on how to create your own wedding brand

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I know…a wedding brand sounds terribly unromantic and corporate. In fact, couples underway with their wedding planning probably don’t set out to create a uniquely branded wedding event. However let’s face it, most couples do want their big day to tell THEIR story. So everything from the colour palette to the personalised details can in fact make a statement.  Perhaps it’s a monogram which celebrates a couple’s unity. Maybe something that reflects their venue, style, or a place that has special meaning to their relationship together. That is essentially creating a “wedding brand” and I’m not talking a celebrity/ Kardashian style of brand here. It’s more of a curated approach, which is both authentic and personal to you and your lives together. As a Surrey wedding stationer, I share my top 5 tips on how to brand your big day.


Wedding planning can be a daunting process and perhaps even a little overwhelming for busy couples! I believe that the wedding invitation and stationery order process should be an effortless, easy and exciting process. I help my clients to tell their own story through their stationery, and effectively brand their day, their way!  As far as your guests are concerned, it all starts with your Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations. For a ‘branded’ event, this also includes on-the-day stationery, such as the Order of Service, table stationery and signage.


Here, I share my 5 tips on how to brand your big day, but most importantly remember to have fun and to use this process as an opportunity to connect with your partner and enjoy the ride!

1. look for inspiration

As a stationery designer, I am forever on the look out for beautiful inspiration, which for me often comes from nature, but also the High Street which presents a myriad of colour, pattern and texture. Indeed, inspiration can come from anywhere so don’t limit yourself to what you see in wedding magazines, blogs, or on Pinterest. Look to your own experiences and memories for inspiration too; favourite places, holidays, hangouts, décor, food and drinks that you both love.  What stands out? What experience do you want your guests to have and remember about your wedding day?  Is it an elegant occasion in a beautiful barn, or stately home and gardens, an intimate event loaded with carefully curated and meaningful details, or a more laid-back festival vibe with great music, sharing plates and BBQ food?


The venue is often the source of inspiration for many couples, because this is something that couples tend to choose together and have a really personal connection with, either emotionally, romantically or stylistically.


Venues are also an inspiration for my stationery designs too. My Copper & Green design is an example of this, which I created following a visit to Gate Street Barn, a beautiful Surrey Wedding Barn venue. I loved all the greenery that I saw there, mixed with the lichen painted timber and glass entrance, classic dark timber barn walls and copper coloured tiled roof.  My invitation suite design incorporates green foliage and copper colours in the form of a couple’s monogram which combines watercolour leaf details and a copper foil effect wreath and font.  The vibe is understated and leafy!


2. focus on your wedding vibe

Draw on your favourite inspirations from nature, fashion, architecture and your own experiencers to help nail down your aesthetic. Are you going for a sleek and modern feel, or elegant and romantic? Maybe something that reflects your heritage, your love of travel, or even your views on sustainability? Whatever the vibe you wish to create will help to inform other details too, such as colour palette, stationery, florals, and even menu. So you can infuse your day with your vibe and a sense of cohesion.

3. make it personal

Pick out a few personal elements to incorporate into your design that tell your story. It may be a monogram or design that represents your culture, or a destination that you love. Maybe it’s a particular type of flower or colour combination, which could be echoed in your stationery, floral displays and venue décor. It’s these personal touches that will remain in your and your guests’ memories.

Bespoke Wedding Stationery for a Moroccan destination wedding

Photography by Oh What a Day Wedding Photography | Stationery by Flamboyant Invites

4. get creative

Having considered the vibe that you want to create, you can build this out further to incorporate personal objects and elements, such as a photo display of yourselves and family, table names which reflect your favourite gin labels, and place names that include a note to your guests to tell them how happy you are that they are there to celebrate the day with you. Get creative and look at ways of incorporating these little touches into your stationery and venue.  If you’re struggling, I’ll be only too happy to help with suggestions!

5. hire the right experts

Couples often struggle to be creative when it comes to their own wedding and vision.  Some ideas can also pose a budgetary or logistical challenge, so you do need to be open to exploring unique and different ways of creating your vision. It’s also essential to hire the right professionals, who understand what inspires you, are excited about working with you and that you can trust to deliver your vision.  This is true for each and every supplier that you engage!

If you’re underway with your wedding planning and struggling in some way to define your invitation style, get in touch today – I would be very happy to see how I can help! Drop me an email:, or go to my contact page. In the meantime…happy branding!