The Ultimate Wedding Stationery Guide

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If you’re embarking on your Wedding Journey, it won’t be long before your thoughts turn to your wedding stationery. There are so many options out there, that you’ll truly be spoilt for choice. You might even feel a little overwhelmed by it all, or you might be a couple who really wants to make a splash with your stationery and wants to know ALL the possibilities. Either way, you’ll want to get up to speed with all things wedding stationery, so that you can select what’s right for you and your special day. This is where my Wedding Stationery Guide comes in.

Understanding all the elements that make up the perfect wedding invitation suite, is the first step in your wedding stationery journey. This Guide explains every aspect of an invitation suite, piece by piece, so that you know what it is, what it is used for, and whether it is something that you just can’t do without!

Now its time to get the low down on the different items of stationery; the ones you really need and those extra touches which will elevate your guests’ first impressions of your Big Day!

Show me what you’re made of – the Ultimate Wedding Stationery Guide

The Ultimate Wedding Stationery Guide

Muted Floral Wedding Invitation Suite by Flamboyant Invites

The Basics

Wedding Invitation

This is the most important part of your suite, and clearly one that you can’t do without, because it contains all the information about the main event: the Bride and Groom’s names, the parent names of the Bride and Groom, the date, time and venue/ location.  Even couples choosing to manage everything online will invariably send out a proper invitation, because it is one corner that you shouldn’t cut!

TIP Only the more formally worded invitations and occasions dictate that parent/ host names be added to the invitations. A more laid back approach is simply to add ‘Together with their families’.  The Bride’s name should be listed before the Groom’s, however if you’re a same sex couple, you’ll have to decide whose name to list first!

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Floral Pop Wedding Invitation

Outer Envelope

This envelope holds your invitation and additional inserts and is addressed to your guests. Your envelope is the first glimpse that your guests get of your wedding day, so it is important to set the right impression for your day.

TIP Printed envelopes are not only a great time saver, as all your guest addresses are printed, but they can also include a design which ties in with your invitations and creates that WOW Factor.

Reply Card or RSVP

This is a handy item, which your guests can use to send their reply and let you know whether they can attend your wedding. The wording can be flexible here, but typically they are replying with their acceptance or regret. A blank line is also added to the cards, indicating names, so that you know who is replying! Don’t forget to include a ‘reply by date’ so that you can collect the responses in good time – typically about 3 weeks before the wedding date.

This card can also be used to collect your guests’ choices, if applicable.  You can also introduce an element of fun and playfulness onto this card, by inviting guests to write a message to the Bride and Groom, or to say which song will get them up on the dance floor.  Although more appropriate for weddings with a more laid back vibe, it’s a fun way to engage with your guests and get them in the mood for the celebrations to come!

The RSVP is typically set out like a postcard to drop in the post, or accompanied by an envelope with the reply address either marked on the reply card, or directly onto the envelope.

TIP There will always be some guests who forget to send their reply, so you should factor in a little extra time to track down any late replies. The rough guide is that you request reply dates at least 4 weeks before your wedding day. However, as it is the venue/ caterer who requires information on guest numbers and meal selections, it is important to ask your caterer for their cut off date, from the outset. Then add at least two weeks to this cut-off date to chase up any stragglers!

Botanical Save the Date, Floral Save the Date, Summer Wedding, Save the Date Invitation

Botanical RSVP Card

Reply Envelope

Where an envelope is provided for RSVP Cards, it is advisable to add your reply address and perhaps a stamp, in order to make it easy for your guests to reply.  Traditionally, reply cards were sent to the Bride’s parents, but practically, the address provided should be for the person responsible for keeping track of the guest list.

Guest Information/ Details Card

This stationery item is for all those little details that can’t be included on the invitation, for example: accommodation options, directions, map, transportation arrangements, other on-the-day information, wedding website, gift registry, attire and arrangements for children.

This can be a single or double sided card, depending on how much information you would like to impart to your guests. For other events like a welcome party, the day before, or a Farewell breakfast/ brunch, the day after the wedding, you might want to include a separate Details Card.

TIP The information that you include should help your guests to understand what arrangements have been made for the day and what other necessary arrangements your guests might have to make in order to attend your big day.

Colourful Floral Enclosure Card, Bold Floral Details Card, Pops of Colour Floral Information Card, Spring Wedding, Summer Wedding, Details Card

Floral Pop Details Card

Added Extras

Guest Addressed Printed Envelopes

If you’re looking for something that will not only elevate your invitations, but save you time in mailing out, printed envelopes would be it!

Guest addresses are submitted to your designer on an Excel spreadsheet and guest names and addresses are printed, using fonts which match those used on your invitation suite.  They can also incorporate design elements too on the front of the envelope, which tie in with your invitation design.

However, if you’d rather not go to the additional expense of having printed envelopes, you might like to consider printed labels with guest addresses instead for your envelopes.

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Muted Floral Printed Guest Addressed Envelopes

Envelope Liner

The envelope liner is a paper insert which could be in a plain colour or a printed design.  They are another wonderful way of adding that extra detail to your envelope, and will surprise your guests when they open the envelope

Belly Band

A belly band is simply a strip of paper that wraps around all your invitation items to neatly hold them together.  This is another element that would usually complement the suite design and could incorporate the couple’s monogram too.

There are of course lots of other items that can be used to embellish your invitations further and to add that extra special personal touch, such as specialist papers, custom maps, wax seals and silk ties.  These options are limitless, and boil down to budget and personal preference.

I hope my wedding stationery guide has been helpful and makes your wedding planning a little easier. If you have any questions about your stationery, or would like to chat through your ideas, I would be delighted to help!

Natalie x

Contact me today to discuss your stationery style and let’s start creating your perfect wedding invitation suite!

Minimo Modern Calligraphy Wedding Invitation Suite

Minimo Modern Calligraphy Wedding Invitation Suite