Wedding Trends 2020: Sustainability and Individuality

Wedding Trends 2020 Bridal Dresses

If you’re getting married next year, the biggest wedding trends for 2020 revolve around sustainability as well as individuality. Indeed, we already saw the start of this trend with the Royal Weddings in 2018. Now, couples are increasingly breaking with tradition and doing their bit for the planet too!

It is indeed an exciting time for wedding suppliers and guests alike. Let’s now take a look at some of the wedding trends for 2020…

making your wedding sustainable

Couples are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their wedding’s environmental and ethical impact. From the travel implications of bringing your guests to one place, to the food waste aspect and the use of plastics, including drink straws.  Making sustainable choices for the big day doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive either. Many suppliers out there, like me, are very mindful of the environmental impact of their business. By engaging such suppliers, you are in fact ensuring that your wedding spend is a sustainable one too. Here are some of the key areas to consider…


The wedding stationery is an important element of most couples’ big day because it sets the tone of the celebration to come. It also plays a big part on the day itself, through Orders of Service/ Programmes, table stationery and signage.  The invitation is also something that couples will want to keep for years to come, as a physical memory of their big day.

As a stationer, I choose my paper sources and print companies carefully, to ensure that they are using sustainable papers and eco-friendly inks. This in turn ensures that I can offer sustainable stationery to my clients too. Aside from using FSC certified, uncoated paper stock from sustainable or recycled sources, there are additional benefits to choosing a stationery designer who is truly aligned with your values too.  For example, I can work with my clients to make their stationery work harder. By creating double-sided items, combining the place card and menu, or using signage to keep guests informed on the day.

Going sustainable doesn’t mean compromising on style either. You can still incorporate all those little personal details, whilst knowing that your papers are both sustainable and recyclable! What’s not to love?!

Wedding Trends 2020 Wedding Stationery by Flamboyant Invites

Flamboyant Invites Surrey Wedding Stationery

wedding flowers

Wedding flowers are a big area to consider too. Choose environmentally friendly florists, who use locally grown, seasonal flowers, wildflowers or dried flowers. The use of potted, living plants is another great way to add greenery/ colour to your big day.  These can even be given away as favours/ gifts afterwards and will provide a lovely memento for your guests. Going floral foam-free was another highlight from the Royal weddings in 2018, which is a trend that is continuing. Indeed, florists are ditching the non bio-degradable foam in favour of beautiful vessels and chicken wire, to create spectacular natural garden style arrangements.

Wedding Trends 2020 Wedding Flowers

Bridal Bouquet by Johanna Pedrick Flowers and pampas grass installation via @myeventstylist

wedding favours

Wedding Favours are an area which many couples are rethinking, and often opting to forego entirely.  Favours are often left behind after the wedding and go to waste. So couples are increasingly choosing to focus their wedding spend on creating an unforgettable day for their guests, instead of these little mementos.


Booking a photographer that is local to your wedding location will definitely help to reduce your carbon footprint. It will probably be less costly too. The other benefit of choosing a photographer who knows your venue, is that they will know all the best photo opportunities too.

Having said that, your photographs are your lasting memory of your wedding day, so you should go with your heart. If you’re invested in a particular photographer because of their work/ style or personality, then book them.

Wedding Trends 2020 Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography by Surrey based Gyan Gurung Photography

For further tips on creating a sustainable wedding, check out my June post: 5 Tips on Planning an Eco-Friendly and Socially Conscious Wedding

inject individuality into your day

bridal dresses

Bridal Dress options for the big day are endless in their variety.  However brides are becoming mindful about wanting an outfit that they can enjoy wearing after their wedding day too. This has given rise to styles that are not too fussy and ‘bridal’, such as separates.  On the Bridesmaid front, there is also a continued trend towards mix and match styles, contrasting colours, prints and necklines.  This way bridesmaids can have a style that suits them, which they can enjoy wearing well beyond the wedding day.

Wedding Trends 2020 Bridal Dresses

Dresses by Halfpenny London – Photography by Agnes Black


Wedding Trends 2020 Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses by TH&TH – Photography: Amy O’Boyle

wedding cakes

Wedding cakes are a tradition that is most definitely here to stay. However the modern wedding cake is so much more than just cake.  It has become a focal point for the big day, sometimes on its own, or part of a cake table set up. Incorporating edible flowers, watercolour painted details, beautiful iced finishes and flavour combinations, today’s wedding cakes have evolved into a show-stopping piece of art and a flavour experience.

Wedding Trends 2020 Wedding Cakes

Cakes by Cake Buds (left), Sugar Plum Bakes (top), Cherry Tree Cakerie (bottom)

wedding decor & signage

When it comes to wedding decor, couples want something that feels ‘fresh’ and reflects their own style. Indeed, 2020 weddings will be much more about creating a particular atmosphere or vibe, than just simply a matching colour scheme.  There will be more focus on the details, from the table stationery, cutlery style and colour, to the texture of the table cloths. Decor choices are also becoming increasingly creative and sophisticated, incorporating interesting lighting and projections too.

Signage is another great way to personalise your day, from welcome signs, to order of the day and seating plans.

Coco Palm Wedding Stationery, Tropical Chic table styling

Flamboyant Invites Coco Palm Wedding Stationery and Tropical Chic table styling by Always Andri and Cassandra King Flowers and Styling. Photography by Amanda Karen Photography

XOXO Wedding Sign, Modern Calligraphy Wedding Sign, Grey and White, Modern Calligraphy Welcome Sign, Wedding Welcome Signs, wedding signage, wedding stationery Surrey

gift registry

The Gift Registry is another area that has evolved away from the standard gift list, and is increasingly including a charitable donations option too.  This way couples can raise money for their favourite charities and share their charitable endeavours with their guests too.  This is a particularly good option for couples who feel that they already have everything that they need for married life together.  Prezola, the wedding gift list company is actively promoting this gifting option, alongside of the traditional gift registry.


Dresses: Halfpenny London (Photo by Agnes Black) and  TH&TH

Stationery: Flamboyant Invites

Flowers: Johanna Pedrick Flowers and @myeventstylist

Cakes: Cake Buds, Sugar Plum Bakes, Cherry Tree Cakerie 

Photography: Gyan Gurung and Amanda Karen Photography

Styling & Decor: Always Andri and Cassandra King Flowers